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The 411 on Motorcycle Insurance

Good Motorcycle Insurance is available for those who need protection from the risks of riding motorbikes. Similarly to how car insurance works, so motorcycle coverage also functions. This type of policy is tailor-made for those who own motorcycles, whether they are used for work or for pleasure.
Initially, one only needs to choose the type of coverage desired. Each kind of coverage has varying premium costs, depending on how large and comprehensive the coverage. The more insurance coverage one opts to purchase, the higher the premiums will be, though a higher deductible can significantly reduce premium payments. One usually pays premiums for a year of coverage either by paying the entire amount upfront, (often with a discount), or by paying monthly or semi-annually. If a rider is involved in an accident, he or she is required to file a claim in a timely manner with the insurance provider. If the claim is determined to be valid, one will be compensated for costs as described in the policy details.

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Kinds of Coverage

Bodily Injury and property damage

This pays the policyholder for any costs that may arise from the injuring of other people in an accident. It also compensates for any property damage as a result of the accident.

Personal Injury

This pays for the expenses that are the consequence of any personal injuries the policyholder may have had during the accident. It also can compensate for any lost income that is a result of being injured and unable to work.


Medical coverage pays out for any treatment from the accident. It also gives payouts for the medical costs of any passengers you might have had during an accident.


This is the kind of coverage is that can compensate for the purchase of a new motorcycle if yours is stolen or destroyed in an accident. It also can pay for parts and repairs and also payout for medical and liability costs to other people involved in the accident, if you are at fault.

Towing and Roadside Assistance

This can help with roadside care, such as a tire change, a battery recharge, the repair of a windshield, or a tow to a garage.


Motorcycles are different from cars since bikes can be frequently put into storage for months at a time before they are used. Motorcycle owners are encouraged to meet with an insurance agent to discuss precisely how much they ride, where and for how long the bike might be stored (if at all), and how often they intend to be riding it. All this helps in determining the level of coverage and premiums and the ensuing deductibles that best meet rider needs.

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