Boat Insurance

The 411 on Boat Insurance

Boats are an investment both personally and financially. Part of ownership should include boat insurance as a form of protection. Coverage gives people the peace of mind they need to relax and enjoy the ride.

Types of Coverage

There are many coverage options available to boat owners including:
Collision repair or replacement
Bodily injury
Property damage
Optional coverage

Who Needs It

Boat insurance coverage is not too different from a combo of homeowners’ and vehicle insurance policies. Those with larger vessels, such as big cruisers, will benefit most from a policy that closely follows the format of a homeowner’s insurance policy, while those with smaller recreational craft will be more appropriately covered by a form more akin to auto insurance. Boat owners should at least consider purchasing coverage for bodily injury and property damage. This includes injuries or deaths that happen on the boat and that might happen to other related parties as well.

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Plan Ahead

No one can predict the future, but being prepared is important. Get coverage before something happens becaus. No one wants to be the person who wishes they would have had insurance after something happens. There is an inherent risk of damage when owning and using a boat. This is why our professional team advise people to always be prepared.

Relieve the Stress

Boating is meant to be enjoyed. Taking the boat out on the water and letting the cares of the world float away is one reason why people love the sport. Having the piece of mind knowing that you have the proper coverage for it can make the whole experience a great deal more enjoyable.


Boat owners are advised to figure out when and how often they will likely be using their boat when shopping for the right policy. Some coverage will only cover freshwater use while others can be purchased to protect vessels that head out certain lengths beyond the coast in the open ocean. Owners are greatly benefited in researching the many methods for lowering their premium costs. Examples include boating safety courses, installing safety extras like an engine kill-switch, and more. Speak with an insurance professional for more information in finding the best boat insurance coverage that fits both your needs and your budget.

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