A home is more than just a place to live; it is a safe and secure haven. It’s a special place you get to call your own and where you feel most at ease. More than just a safe place to live, this setting fosters the harmonious development essential to a happy, healthy family life. The reality, sadly, is not like this for everyone.

Recent studies show there are about 6,000 kids in foster care in Alabama. Some only require a few days of foster care. Others might require foster care for an indefinite period.
Here at Jon Peters Insurance, we believe every child deserves a stable home to feel safe and secure, which is why we are proud to support the Kids to Love Foundation in its efforts to create lifelong bonds by recruiting adoptive parents.

While they work to find these children forever homes, they also ensure that those children who are not adopted have everything they need to succeed. Kids to Love helps them get ahead by giving them educational programs and job opportunities.

Here is how you can help: we’ll donate $10 in your name to each person you recommend to us to receive a no-obligation quote! We invite our customers, friends, and family to learn more about what they do and offer any assistance they can. So let’s get started!

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